Brandsymbol Adds Decades Of Client-Side, Pharmaceutical Branding Experience With The Hiring Of Paul B. Feirstein, Chief Operating Officer

Posted September 1, 2015
Data Driven Decisions: The Path To Executive Buy-In

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Brandsymbol, a dynamic, fact-driven branding agency, announces the hiring of Paul B. Feirstein as Chief Operating Officer, as a part of their continued growth.

After spending nearly 30 years on the client-side of the pharmaceutical industry – holding various positions with increased responsibilities across sales, marketing, and commercial development for Fortune 500 companies such as AstraZeneca (formerly Zeneca), Pfizer (formerly Pharmacia), and Merck (formerly Schering-Plough) – P. B. Feirstein will move to the agency-side and join a team of experienced Brand-builders. With proven success in bringing products to market and driving sales performance, brandsymbol will look to P. B. Feirstein to further grow brandsymbol’s knowledge of the challenges pharmaceutical Brand teams face during the commercialization process leading to product launches, while instilling his operational leadership throughout the Company.

P. B. Feirstein first heard of brandsymbol while he was Vice President, Marketing and Sales at FSC Pediatrics, a specialized pediatric pharmaceutical Company, when his team partnered with brandsymbol to launch several kid-friendly products.

“Brandsymbol’s engagement with me and my team while at FSC Pediatrics was impressive, their flexibility and commitment to ensure that all our needs were met was something I hadn’t received when working with previous branding agencies. I had developed such an honest and transparent relationship with brandsymbol, especially with President & CEO, Clayton D. Tolley, that when the opportunity was presented to bring my years of client side experience to the agency side, brandsymbol was the perfect next step.”

“With his extensive background and trusted perspective, P. B. Feirstein will be able to have an immediate impact both internally working with brandsymbol’s sales, marketing, and production teams, and externally sharing his experience with clients,” stated C. D. Tolley, “his in-depth understanding of the client and how they incorporate the branding work agencies, such as brandsymbol, complete is invaluable.” Just as he is passionate about pharmaceutical branding, P. B. Feirstein is equally as passionate about empowering employees to progress. “Culture has always been a focus of mine, I love seeing employees develop and grow with the Company in their pursuit of excellence, and I am looking forward to working with not only the experienced folks at brandsymbol but also the young talent as they move along in their career,” Feirstein added on.


About Brandsymbol

With over two decades of experience, brandsymbol was founded with the goal of revitalizing the agency-client relationship by innovating and transforming the branding process, to deliver world-class solutions, customized for each client. Our proprietary i4 Methodology is engineered to provide senior-level expertise, global creative, advanced legal & regulatory solutions to deliver clients world-class brands that are based on facts and figures, not opinions and observations.


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