The Challenge Of Managing Large Teams

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Accomplishing a singular, focused task with a large group of people can be problematic, however incorporating all their necessary viewpoints and expertise is key to achieving success. A Brand naming project is no different. As a subjective endeavor, dissenting opinions during a naming project are bound to occur and can be difficult to qualify and quantify. These project teams are generally comprised of numerous individuals, each touching multiple aspects of the business, and each most likely having a different relationship with the product … meaning different points of view and varying agendas. This is where a third-party, effective branding agency is tasked with building consensus among the team, keeping members focused on strategic alignment vs. subjective opinions, and simultaneously managing budget and timing constraints.

Project Managers who are subject matter experts in Brand naming, can help to insure the process runs smoothly, but this is only one component of the equation. A world-class branding agency must also communicate in a manner that promotes efficient, consistent, and clear communication throughout the lifespan of the project. The flow of information should be supported by methodologies that are engineered to acquire and relay essential information at critical junctures in the project, while promoting accountability from the appropriate team members on things like strategy and creative direction. Even individual presentations and documents should be designed to quickly and effectively produce the superior results. This helps to ensure that valuable time is preserved, and no effort is wasted.

A branding agency is also responsible for managing all parties involved in the project. Coordination with the client is paramount, but the agency must be able to balance and direct outside vendors such as linguistics partners, research teams, legal experts, and in the case of the pharmaceutical space, regulatory experts. Any one of these groups – the client included – should only be communicated with when necessary, the agency making sure to coordinate tasks across the project as whole, with the goal of world-class creative in mind. Keeping the right people involved at critical steps in the process promotes strategic team engagement, built around utilizing the correct expertise at the correct times.

Targeted meeting agendas, strategic client surveys, thorough vetting of name candidates prior to presentation to the client; these are only a few of the specific ways that a great branding agency can effectually manage the demands of Brand naming projects, and the extended teams involved in these types of initiatives. Through effective team management an agency can ensure the creation of an optimal Brand name in such a way that shortens deliverable timelines and preserves client budgets.


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