When a Brand Becomes Something More

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Building a Brand that becomes something more than a simple identifier for a product or Company is the goal. When all tissues are called Kleenex, or all adhesive bandages are called Band-Aids a Brand has achieved something greater than just being a name.

A truly great Brand name is clear, consistent, and compelling in a way allows it to transcend being just a moniker. If someone were to describe the physical appearance and function of a product to you, what is the first word you would think of to describe it? More of those may actually be brands than you realize. Here are a few common names for things that are actually Brands:


Bubble Wrap (or BubbleWrap):





The Sealed Air corporation branded this packaging material after a failed attempt at a creating a three-dimensional wallpaper.






Technically the Company Jacuzzi makes hot-tubs and other products.









Owned by Pfizer, it is the most successful lip-balm on the market.







Unilever owns this Brand of frozen treat.




Have you ever called a plastic food container anything else?


Weed Eater:








Owned by Husqvarna.








Dow Chemical created this material that is never actually used for plates, cups, etc., but it is in fact only used for construction projects. The material that people are used to at picnics is polystyrene.








Front loading waste container doesn’t really have the same ring to it. Owned by Dempster Brothers, Inc.

All of these Brand names have become top of mind for consumers for different reasons, but the process of creating a Brand that even stands a chance of finding success on this level remains the same. Brand names must be unique and memorable to establish a distinguishing and lasting presence in the minds of consumers. Meticulously evaluating all relevant factors, both from a strategic and creative perspective, is essential to increasing Brand awareness and driving long-term success.




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