What Does it Mean to Go Green?

Whether it be the utilization of solar panels or recycling, going green is a wagon many companies are hopping onto in order to not only satisfy consumers but satisfy the planet, as well. A few companies that have decided to make these environmentally friendly changes are McDonalds, Honda, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and HP (Hewlett Packard), along with many more.Starbucks-Green-Branding

Going green has become extremely important to many daily consumers and when a brand takes these green steps it has as much to do with doing the right thing for the planet as it does in fostering and growing a sense of brand loyalty from the consumer. Loyalty to a brand is created by consumers who value the positive changes that going green can create, saving money by implementing more efficient ways to conserve energy, and the ability to create a work environment that is sustainable.

Honda-Green-BrandingTransitioning into a “green market” can be intimidating but many companies have shown their willingness to take that risk. There are many different examples of brands adapting to this trend with moves like a temporary logo change, a new tagline or ad campaign, brand extensions, or even whole new products.

Any time modifications are being madCocaCola-Green-Brandinge to an existing brand, careful considerations have to be taken to ensure that the strategy is sound in order to not stifle existing equity or risk disrupting its current value in the minds of consumers in any negative way.

Having a brand that is flexible and meaningful enough to target markets to be able to adapt to trends in this way truly begins with the naming process. Truly great brand names are crafted in such a way that makes them clear, consistent, and compelling. This allows for brands to enter the market in a manner that presents the product as defined and allows for these kinds of modifications or transformations.