Where Naming Starts

Imagine walking through a local mall and being surrounded by the products filling the shelves and glass displays. Think of the millions of products and their names. Combinations of words, letters, and numbers floating all around. But certain names seem to have a staying power. Some become more than a string of letters or just a name. Some develop a lasting presence in your mind because they were crafted to become something more: A brand

It is vital that your brand naming agency understands that a brand is not just a word or a name. It’s a perception crafted to dictate what the consumer feels, sees, and believes for a company, product, or service. And as such, the naming process should derive from diverse and experienced minds who collaborate their creative firing neurons to produce word associations, word parts, and visuals that combine into strategic names that will perfectly connect with target audiences. A proficient, collaborative, and innovative naming process helps bring a product’s vision into a reality. What separates creative process’ is the utilization of a client teams’ feedback and integration of their creativity and the product’s aspiration into every name that is developed.

Often, the naming process is thought to be nothing more than generating a list of potential names based on a few surveys and some market research. In actuality, in order to ensure that a name is clear, consistent, and compelling, the process has to be much more than that. There can be numerous ways in which creative paths can be discovered:

  • In revealing the patterns and rhythms within a Company’s preexisting Brand architecture, additional strategies for a naming direction will be discovered.
  • Speaking with the people directly involved in the creation of a new product, even the most technical and intricate details can lead down truly impressive creative paths.
  • Commonly used terms are frequently downplayed as not possible to utilize with a new product innovation because of fears of overuse and non-distinctiveness. However, after market analysis and collaborative discussions with the product teams, it can be found that utilizing a common word helps boost the market awareness when communicating a product. Using a recognized common usage word can empower and stimulate innovation toward the target audience that will be evaluating the product.

The creative process is often taken for granted as similar from agency to agency. But in order to make sure that generated names are unique, memorable, and appropriately suited for the product, it is vital to have a brand naming agency that understands how to bring the best to the table when it comes to having a process designed to succeed in today’s complex and competitive market places.