Company Overview

Brandsymbol was founded in 2010 with one key goal: Draw on decades of branding experience to build a dynamic, fact-driven branding agency that is truly client focused. This client-based initiative was born out of a desire to combine strategic insights with superior creative to produce world-class branding solutions.

Combining top-tier international talent, veteran executive leadership, and a sophisticated process, brandsymbol is in a class of its own. This diverse array of expertise allows for the right branding professionals to be assigned to the right task at the right time. We provide a level of specialization that ensures our team is always flexible and always passionate about your Brand.


Experienced in developing brands in a variety of industries across an abundance of marketing disciplines, brandsymbol leaders understand exactly what makes a Brand world-class. Harnessing their powerful plethora of industry knowledge, they lead both our team of elite consultants and your Brand to success.

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Comprised of dedicated professionals from around the world, brandsymbol’s team enthusiastically combines its unique talents to enhance every branding initiative. Our team is committed to your goals and invested in your Brand.

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Healthcare Expertise

Brandsymbol’s success in the healthcare industry is driven by our in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory complexities. Our consultants conquer these strict guidelines by developing brands that are not only creatively dynamic, but also rigorously tested … ensuring the delivered Brand is both appropriate and available.

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B2B & B2C Expertise

Brandsymbol approaches every branding initiative by strategically determining which factors are most important to your unique branding effort. We build a team of talented consultants, specifically designed to capitalize on key market demographics … ensuring the delivered Brand is successful from launch to legacy.

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