PART SCIENCE. Part Art. All-Parts Transformational.

Our i4 Methodology is engineered to generate creative branding solutions driven by rigorous, fact-based assessment. It’s our pathway to creating and evolving smarter brands that enter the market #WithAuthority and leave lasting impressions for years to come.


Exploration is curiosity put into action.

Every project begins by developing the optimal strategic framework along with building team collaboration with the client and branding agency. Since 1995, our methodology has been the bedrock for creating some of the world’s most recognized brands.

The true work begins here, knees deep in exploration and possibilities, with the goal of gaining a thorough understanding of the true opportunities and the path to branding success.

Every project, large and small, starts with theories and assumptions; the GRAY area.


The cornerstone of creative.

Identifying and aligning on the optimal strategy before creative begins is crucial. A clearly defined strategy serves as the road map to success for a project and ensures that all creative development, review, and refinement is undertaken with vision and purpose. This is true creative excellence that should expected from your agency.

As the strategic framework is developed, clarity and direction come into view, leaving clear BLUE skies ahead.


Inspiration starts with ideation.

No shortcuts. No recycled material. Your company, product, or service isn’t cookie cutter. Developing your brand shouldn’t be either.

Our approach to creative ideation brings together our full-time creative team and global team members across six continents and 16 countries in order to create lasting brands that resonate across the globe. We work together, discussing strategies, culling through research, and collaborating with your team to expand on the creative pathways established in i2. The result is highly differentiated, unique, creative, and strategic branding solutions.

Whether we’re developing a brand name, visual identity, or marketing materials, you’ll be shown creative options that truly inspire.

GREEN symbolizes growth, and nurturing each and every project with care and passion to turn a creative seedling into a thriving brand is what we live for. Fresh creative is essential to bringing your brand to life #WithAuthority.


Unparalleled Validation.

Depending on your brand project, we place everything under the appropriate microscope. We understand the importance of validation, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Global linguistics, commercial market research, name safety testing, A/B testing, and beyond–our i4 can be tailored to each project’s specific needs.

Fact-based, data-driven decisions lead to lasting brands and provide your team with ultimate confidence in bringing your brand to market.

i4 provides our clients with the confidence that only data-driven validation can provide, ensuring that we can take down the ORANGE construction signs and introduce a brand that truly shines #WithAuthority.


Explore the results of our more creative, more strategic, more thorough process.