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From the Fortune 50 to groundbreaking emerging companies, our branding and naming solutions have propelled hundreds of brands across healthcare, business, and the consumer space forward, all over the globe.


Pharmaceutical branding is a different beast and has never been more difficult. We bring an authentically intelligent, extremely thorough, and unparalleled methodology to creative, legal, safety & regulatory testing, commercial research, and validation for our pharmaceutical clients.


Developing Healthcare brands has never been more complex than in the current global environment. That’s why Brandsymbol offers an array of solutions driven by analytics, fueled with creativity and embraced by healthcare providers, caregivers, and patients.


Business-to-Business People, as we like to say. Your business-focused brand still must resonate with people, and our branding specialists are experts at navigating the nuances of your industry to deliver a brand solution that is specific, focused, and relevant to all of your audiences.


With millions of products flooding the market each year, it’s more critical now than ever to create a consumer brand that cuts through the clutter. Our process has developed some of the world’s most respected and influential brands, across a range of industries.

  • Healthcare Brands

    The world's most renowned healthcare companies have called on us to build their brand's #WithAuthority.

  • Business Brands

    When it comes to brand development, we always mean business.

  • Consumer Brands

    Helping the world's most admired consumer brands break out and break through.

Brands that perform:


Quite well, in fact.
Crafting brands that are as well received in the market as they are in the boardroom is our priority.

  • 240+

    Brand Identities Developed

  • 5,040

    Names Taken Through Linguistics

  • 65,000

    Trademark Searches Performed

  • 100%

    of Projects With Global Representation

Branding reimagined.

From verbal branding to an all-encompassing purposeful brand strategy, our team has brought a data-driven results-focused approach to thousands of projects.

Da Vinci had a methodology. We do too.

Our i4 Methodology employs a compelling mix of art and science to create lasting brand impressions across visual, verbal, and strategic initiatives.

“Brandsymbol has a more solid, fact-based, analytical approach while most firms base their efforts on subjectivity.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield


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