BASF Corporation (BASF) is a global leader in the development, production, and marketing of a range of high-quality resins, additives, colorants, and polymer dispersions. The Dispersions and Resins Division needed a global brand name for their new combination product of Acrodur® and natural fiber mats, and Brandsymbol was the agency for the job because of our expertise and industry-defining process.

Brandsymbol project leads met with the core team at BASF in–person and conducted ideation activities in real–time. This collaborative effort led to a clear path forward, and BASF‘s naming process for the project was unanimously established. The result was a plethora of trademark viable name options for the innovative technology being available for BASF to choose from.

The final name selected, Contoura, derives from “contour,” which is the line that defines or bounds a shape or object. This relates to the product’s ability to flex into any form or shape, creating its own definition. This descriptive neologism added diversity to the BASF portfolio of brand names and marked the second of multiple naming projects completed by Brandsymbol.