Toyota: Crown Signia

Toyota’s legendary Crown nameplate, a longstanding successful brand in Japan, geared up for its first US debut. To distinguish the all-new Crown crossover from its sibling, the Crown Sport sedan, and introduce the Crown brand to American drivers in a bold way, Toyota partnered with Brandsymbol to create a world-class name for this vehicle.

 Leveraging our proven track record with projects like Capstone, Woodland, and Grand Highlander, we tackled the challenge of crafting a name befitting a flagship offering. While finding a unique name was crucial, this name also must resonate with American audiences while honoring the Crown legacy. The name needed to embody the vehicle’s position as a Toyota flagship, reflecting its:

  • Unwavering Reliability: A core Toyota value.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Emphasizing its cutting-edge technology and functionality.

After extensive creative exploration and rigorous validation, “Crown Signia” emerged as the optimal brand name. Retaining the “Crown” element instantly connects this car to its heritage, while “Signia” evokes distinction, prestige, and innovation. This name reflects not just the Crown’s legacy, but also its evolution into a powerful and innovative force in the US market.

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