Acorda Therapeutics is focused on the development of therapies that restore function and improve the lives of the people with neurological disorders. CVT-301 was developed to rapidly and predictably treat “OFF” episodes – refers to the period of time where the patient’s levodopa wears off and symptoms recur- for patients with Parkinson’s disease. OFF episodes can be managed to certain extent by increasing the dosage; however, over time, the patient’s body builds up a tolerance and the levodopa are effective for shorter periods of time. This created the need for a treatment to bridge the gap between levodopa doses.

Brandsymbol discovered unique benefits to CVT-301 when meeting with the Acorda Team. First of all, the medication is inhaled, allowing it to work faster than levodopa taken orally, and in addition, CVT-301 is taken in-between regular levodopa doses providing a bridge to treat OFF episodes without increasing the dosage or frequency of the patient’s daily intake of oral levodopa. It was decided that the brand name must position CVT-301 as an approachable and dependable medication providing Parkinson’s patients the freedom and consistency they are currently missing.

Inbrija is incredibly successful in highlighting the unique aspects of CVT-301. The prefix “In” alludes to the fact that Inbrija is inhaled, making it much easier to self-administer during an OFF episode. The suffix “Brija” is a play on the concept of a bridge to span the time between regular oral levodopa doses.

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