RESONANCE™ & Embrace One™

Resonance & Embrace One

BIOTRONIK, a leading global medical device company, contracted Brandsymbol to name two brands that would work in parallel with their Prospera™ Spinal Cord Stimulation System. Working closely with the BIOTRONIK core team, Brandsymbol developed and validated hundreds of names that would fit well into the current naming architecture at BIOTRONIK, differentiate these offerings in their own right, and position BIOTRONIK as a trusted partner in patient care, wrapping their arms around patients and offering comfort and security. The final names, RESONANCE™ and Embrace One™, were tested with the target audience and received positive feedback.

RESONANCE™, represents the first and only multiphase stimulation paradigm, and Embrace One™, represents the patient-centric care model, which innovates and transforms proactive care for patients. These new brands were implemented alongside the recent FDA approval for the Prospera™ Spinal Cord Stimulation System, further solidifying BIOTRONIK’s position as a leader in medical device innovation and patient care.

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