Key Considerations For Developing Strong Clinical Trial Branding

Since brand names or designs are not required for your clinical trials, many of our clients ask us why they should spend valuable time and resources creating them. The answer—it’s ultimately up to you, but you should consider the potential benefits of conducting a brand development project for your trial(s) before you decide to move forward with an internal name, descriptor, acronym, or alphanumeric. 

A strong clinical trial brand will include a meaningful and evocative name, compelling design, consistent colors, font, style, and iconography, and even a host of collateral materials, such as binders, packaging, or PowerPoint templates to help the identity stand out in the minds of participants and healthcare professionals either involved in or following your trial.

If you are looking for a healthcare branding agency or specific pharmaceutical branding service, it would be wise to to communicate your needs and goals with an expert in the field. Contact our team to learn more!

Build Awareness 

A top-tier clinical trial name can help build awareness and generate interest in your compound. Whether you are working on a product designed to treat a lesser-known indication or your compound is entering a crowded space, giving your product a chance to shine early on will significantly increase the likelihood of ultimate commercial success.

Another potential benefit is the opportunity to create consistency among your brand between the corporate brand, clinical trial, brand name and, very rarely, even the generic name. By strategically re-using brand elements from your verbal or visual identities (e.g., word parts, themes, color schemes, fonts, iconography, etc.) in your overall architecture, you can leverage increased brand awareness among your target audience. 

Establish Credibility 

 Another potential advantage of a strong clinical trial brand is establishing credibility. A world-class name and design that communicates the right message to your target audience can help you do just that.  

An unprofessional brand can negatively affect both your company and compound’s credibility, giving HCPs and potential participants a negative perception of your work or conveying the wrong message and potentially causing confusion. So, it’s important to take great care when developing an identity for your next trial. 

Attract Participants 

The clinical trial market continues to grow more competitive with each passing year, and a strong, distinct name and visual that clearly conveys your purpose and speaks to the strengths of your product will help attract interest from participants and professionals alike. 

In Summary 

A compelling clinical trial brand will give your target audiences a clear and unique, identifier that establishes credibility and drives awareness for a product before it even launches—all while generating brand awareness. For any questions regarding the creation of a clinical trial brand identity, you can contact our team of experts here. 

[8:49 AM] Jacob Lindgren