Why You Should Brand Your Medical Device

Sometimes our clients ask us why it’s important to name the medical devices that will be used in concert with a drug. If the pharmaceutical already has a differentiating brand name, why is it important to differentiate the medical devices with their own name as well? Let’s dive into some examples to determine why.

From a practical perspective, naming the device helps with learning how to use it and educating HCPs and patients on the drug/device combination. The device is very important in drug delivery and compliance; thus, the platform name helps with that education.

For example, the type 2 diabetes product, TRULICITY, does not have a name for the device and the product’s use is confusing – it is unclear whether the product ‘box’ contains drug cartridges, needles, etc.  It was not even clear if the dose is ‘dialed’ or one-time use.

In contrast, we have the ADVAIR DISKUS. The drug name was relevant because ADVAIR comes in different strengths but the ‘diskus’ part helps explain how to use the product. Patients were instructed to “hold the diskus like a hamburger” for proper use/inhalation position.  Without a name, even as simple as ‘diskus,’ it would have been confusing to explain proper usage.

HUMIRA leveraged the associations with Pen, so that ‘HUMIRA Pen’ became a natural communication for HCPs and patients due to those established associations.

Other considerations toward the value of naming your device:

  • Distinction: Naming distinction from competitors and between other indications for the same drug.
  • Multifaceted Opportunity: The device name may be leveraged to serve multiple purposes, allowing your company to refer to it many ways in presentations and promotions. Furthermore, naming your device may provide the opportunity to start a device naming theme like Sanofi did with the STAR suffix allowing it to be leveraged with additional devices.
  • Storytelling Through Good Branding: An adjoining device brand name, like REPATHA PUSHTRONEX, provides a next-generation, dynamic, and innovative story without relying solely on your drug name as the singular brand messenger. It raises the storytelling appeal of not only your product but also that of your company as an innovator of a highly impactful and convenient device/administration system for patients.
  • Best Practices: It follows the industry standard in naming administering devices the vast majority of the time

Advair Diskus

Humera Pen

Sanofi Star