Sun Pharma provides high-quality, affordable medicines trusted by healthcare professionals and patients in over 150 countries of the world and has developed the first and only approved cyclosporine ophthalmic solution (CsA) product that incorporates a nanomicellar technology. The novel new compound is faster acting and more comfortable when administered providing an effective alternative to the current medications. Brandsymbol was tasked with the development of a world-class proprietary brand name that propels this incredibly unique, first-of-its-kind product towards the success worthy of innovative stature.

CEQUA™ speaks directly to patients, letting them know that can expect the healing and restorative powers of water for their dry eyes. The word part of “CE-” denotes the products area of treatment (the eyes) while also conjuring the calming image of the ocean. Paired with the second word part “-QUA,” this curative property is bolstered by the interconnecting sound of “aqua” and is understood to be a treatment of the highest “quality” and is sure to “quell” their uncomfortable dry-eye symptoms.

Abhay Gandhi, CEO, North America, Sun Pharma has said, “The U.S. FDA approval of CEQUA™ represents a long-awaited dry eye treatment option and is an important milestone in the development of Sun’s Ophthalmics business.” And while Jodi Luchs, MD, and the principal investigator behind the CEQUA™ confirmatory Phase 3 trial, has noted: “Dry eye is a complex disease that lacks a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach,” the proprietary Brand name CEQUA™ certainly positions Sun Pharma as the leader in treatment for it.