Paradym | product naming companies

Callaway is renowned as the gold standard in golf equipment design and development. In August 2022, Callaway commissioned Brandsymbol to develop a world-class brand name for their emerging driver. The brand name needed to convey the elite features of this driver, including its advanced AI “Jailbreak” system, which effectively adjusts to the performance targets of individual players. Apart from the AI engineering advancements, this driver’s use of 360 degree carbon chassis rather than the market standard titanium contributed to its differentiated design. More than the elevated performance, this driver also has a strong visual impact with the complex geometry of the composite materials, allowing for even more moldability while still maintaining the high-quality feel that the target audience is looking for. 

Working with the Callaway team, Brandsymbol created and validated the brand name Paradym. This name plays off the common-usage word paradigm and communicates the ultimate paradigm shift in the game this elite driver offers. Paradym was validated, approved, and launched in January 2023. Within the first month, this long-anticipated driver has already achieved recognition in the industry as a preeminent driver. Setting this asset up for future commercialization success.

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