Relyvrio & Albrioza | product naming companies

Amylyx Pharmaceuticals specializes in developing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. They commissioned Brandsymbol to develop a brand name for AMX0035, a drug for treating ALS that is the first of its kind as a combination of sodium phenylbutyrate and taurursodiol acid. These molecules are known to prevent cell death and neurotoxic inflammation, slow the progression of ALS, and prolong the lives of people suffering from this serious disease. It is a drug with massive potential to shift the current status in ALS treatment and is already in clinical trials to target other neurodegenerative disorders, Alzheimer’s and Wolfram Syndrome. 

Brandsymbol’s strategy was to create names with an active but friendly energy and a soft, emotional brand tone. The brand personality that Amylyx needed was powerful, reliable, and compassionate, with the opportunity for multifunctionality across indications. RELYVRIO fused “reliable,” “relief,” and “bright.” ALBRIOZA also referenced brightness and relief while incorporating the “A” in association with their corporate identity. Both RELYVRIO and ALBRIOZA are balanced, uplifting names with a positive attitude, inspiring patients to renew hope for prolonged life with this revolutionary treatment option. RELYVRIO was approved by the FDA in 2022 for the treatment of ALS, and ALBRIOZA by Health Canada was approved the same year. The EMA is currently reviewing Amylyx’s Marketing Authorisation Application for AMX0035 for the treatment of ALS in Europe. 

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