Ethicon and Grifols commissioned Brandsymbol and SafeMark to review the entire global naming and regulatory submission strategies for a new fibrin sealant that has been demonstrated to sustain hemostasis even in high-risk patients, improving user experience for the entire surgical team. With the required approval of global regulatory bodies (i.e., FDA, EMA, Health Canada), along with concise messaging to the surgical audiences, the chosen naming strategy had to support multiple responsibilities.

After VERASEAL™ had been approved by the EMA, Brandsymbol and SafeMark partnered on the creative and safety research to align with global submissions. SafeMark delivered safety testing and analysis that closely examined probable brand name options to best correspond with VERASEAL™ throughout the world. Maintaining the “-seal” suffix was vital, along with as much consistency as possible with the prefix. Brandsymbol and SafeMark utilized safety testing and analysis, creative insights, and customized submission reports to develop ideal creative and safety directions. The “v” starting letter and “a” ending letter in the prefixes direct highly positive associations (VISTA – view, VERA – truth) and global regulatory acceptances proved to be highly successful.


Ethicon and Grifols received regulatory approval on two optimal names, VERASEAL™ and VISTASEAL™. Both names contain promising associations with the revolutionary surgical technology.