Rheem Manufacturing Company required a product name for their new product offering that was replacing the current Performance Platinum tank-type high-efficiency electric water heater. The development process had to explore opportunities that leveraged the established brand equity in the “Performance Platinum” tier name, while also allowing the opportunity to create a new innovative product name.

After meeting with the Rheem team for an in-person strategy workshop, a strategic & clear-cut creative direction was established. Developing powerful names that communicated the revolutionary features of this new electric water heater was the foundation behind the three rounds of creative. Throughout each round, it became a clear understanding that Rheem was aiming to pursue a unique naming strategy of ancient Roman terminology throughout their product portfolio.


The brand name chosen for the high efficiency electric water heater was Gladiator.  Gladiator is incredibly successful in highlighting the unique aspects of detection and protection.  The word Gladiator comforts homeowners ensuring them that with all the unique capabilities that this new water heater would not only keep their house safe but also be their Champion.