Trailhunter | brand name development services

Toyota is one of the largest and leading automotive industry brands and one of the most prestigious car manufacturers globally. They came to Brandsymbol for a brand name for their upcoming new brand for Overlanding products, a practice that has been developing a niche in North America. The brand is more than just cars and accessories. It is a lifestyle for a growing niche in North America of people with an adventurous and nomadic spirit. They wanted a name that encapsulated the adventurous spirit of the brand and the consumer. Brandsymbol delivered Trailhunter, a name that communicates the adventure of finding and making new experiences. This name suggests going off the beaten path and finding our own way to adventure. Toyota Trailhunter made its debut in early November of 2022 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and is set to start selling in 2023. 

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